Market intelligence platform for B2B SaaS

Empower everyone to make evidence-based decisions.

Find hidden feedback from prospect and customer calls, using sales and product methodologies to extract insights. Link the insights to your CRM data and uncover commercial opportunities in seconds.

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The voice of your customer is lost.

  • Being able to find ways to express the value of features in monetary terms is essential. We try and tie them to 'this is how much revenue we either stand to win through sales and upsell, or potentially stand to lose because of potential future churned clients'.

    Chris Axe, Lead Product Manager
  • You need to go back through the problem analysis, because one of my fears, and one of the risks is, we've got a perception of the problem and ours is very different to the customers.

    Michael Page, Head of Product
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Insights you can't access aren't really insights at all.

If the only way your teams can make decisions is with long research projects or guesswork, they’ll always choose the latter. Which means crucial insights around market trends, customer needs, and the competitive landscape are left ignored and unused.

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So you need to make those insights much more accessible.

Stop manually extracting snippets from transcripts and adding them to CRM data in spreadsheets.

Using both sales and product methodologies to extract insights from calls, any team member can access what they need instantly, all linked back to CRM data.

No more costly research, just data-driven decisions.

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Helping you to uncover hidden insights

Expose areas of opportunity you’re not specifically looking for and view the commercial value of these ideas and topics in seconds.

Ensure no valuable information is overlooked and minimise the risk of missed opportunities.

That’s where FOUR FOUR comes in.

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    Your entire market listened to.

    No more ignored prospects. Where most tools focus on customers, we focus on Market Intelligence. That means combining insights from both prospects and customers for the complete picture.

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    Your research put on autopilot.

    No more missed chances. Our AI is trained on the most commonly used frameworks like MEDDIC and JTBD to surface opportunities and focus areas that manual research would take months to uncover.

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    Your team able to call the shots.

    No more decision fatigue. Empower people to take action based on data and insights, rather than costly research and endless discussions,
    so that you’re always moving in the right direction.

Integrates with

  • Microsoft Teams
  • Zoom
  • Hubspot
  • Salesforce
  • Gong
  • Google Meet
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Making insights more accessible for...

Better understand the changing needs of customers.

Keep ahead of market trends and competitors by using market intelligence to power your roadmap and pepare for the next dev cycle.

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