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You’re always looking for the most effective way to communicate your product's value to prospective clients. To represent the voice of your customer, you need to understand the common language they use.

Every 100 hours
of conversation is about...
300 calls
which we convert into roughly...
5000 insights
of customer-focused content.
Facing the roadblocks

Talking the talk

Effectively capturing and analyzing customer conversations can be complex. Traditional methods lack the depth and richness needed to fully understand the customers needs and challenges.

  • Limitations of traditional methods like surveys
  • Difficulty in capturing customer conversation data
  • Insufficient detail in information gathered
The right tools for the job

The battle with traditional solutions

Marketers rely heavily on traditional information gathering techniques which yield incomplete and inconsistent results.

  • Too much time spent gathering information internally
  • Too few samples driving poor quality messaging
  • Trial and error to figure out what works best
Embracing change

The turning point

A sophisticated solution that can capture the voice of the customer through real-life recorded conversations, decode those into a common language, and provide structured insights.

  • Advanced voice of the customer capture
  • Conversations decoded into a common language
  • Structured, actionable information
Turning up the volume

Unveiling the power of our solution

Extract and analyse significant information from customer conversations, and translate them into actionable business insights.

  • Segment your audiences by jobs, pains and needs
  • Drill into market trends to get the big picture
  • Understand the customer in real-time
A promising future

Sweet harmony

Effectively target your marketing efforts, and deliver product messaging that truly resonates with your customers.

  • Be everywhere at once, understanding both macro end trends and the detail behind them
  • Optimized, effective marketing campaigns that cut-through and drive conversion
  • Get ahead of the curve

How we help marketing teams

Lead qualifying

What if our reps could have call insights automatically pumped into Salesforce and leads were qualified based on need?

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