Market segmentation

What if we could split our audiences by more than firmographics, so that we can really analyse market trends?

Detailed understanding of customer needs
Give your business the ability to deeply understand what the customer's needs, pains and desired outcomes are, helping to create a more targeted market segmentation strategy.
Prioritize & Focus
Identify the real-life problems of customers, and prioritize opportunity based on needs and pain points. Spend your time where you're more likely to win.
Tailored marketing communication
Personalise your marketing communication based on individual customer issues and desired outcomes. Significantly increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.
Develop the right product
Get a clear understanding of the customer's job functions and outcomes, to guide development that meets the precise needs of the target audience.
Improved customer retention
Identify the pain points and needs of specific customer groups, and take proactive measures to address these issues, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and retention.

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