Lead qualification

What if our reps could have call insights automatically pumped into Salesforce and leads were qualified based on need?

Limited understanding of customer needs
Capture real-life conversations to provide invaluable and direct insights about customer needs, pains, and desired outcomes.
Time and resources
Automate the process of gathering and analyzing conversational data, saving businesses valuable time and resources.
Qualification accuracy
Leveraging applied AI to codify conversations into a common language, minimizing the chance of error and improving the accuracy of lead qualification.
Scoring and prioritizing leads
Analyze conversations to provide structured insights, paving the way for a more informed, accurate lead scoring and prioritization.
Lack of personalization
Generate insights from actual conversations, enabling your business to create a highly personalized approach based on real needs and pain points.

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Why customer insights matter to demand generators?

Generating demand and raising brand awareness is challenging in this rapidly evolving B2B marketplace. A demand generation strategy that achieves business outcomes requires an in-depth understanding of customer needs, behaviours, and pain points.

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