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Understanding customer needs in a buyer-centric world.

Your market has shifted to a buyer-centric world. Sustainable growth is about establishing repeatable value through understanding the customer and what they want to keep achieving.

Every 100 hours
of conversation is about...
300 calls
which we convert into roughly...
5000 insights
of customer-focused content.
Lost in translation

When client conversations become a maze

The sales team grappling with understanding and deciphering the needs and pain points of their customers in order recommend optimal software solutions.

  • Struggles with understanding the customer’s business
  • Misinterpretation leading to less effective solutions
  • Pushing what they have to sell vs what the customer really wants
The right focus

Misalignment with customer needs

Sales is not just about managing a process; it’s about understanding the customer and how they can achieve their business goals.

  • Getting your reps to adopt your sales methodology
  • Not enough detail about the customer is captured in CRM
  • Lack of a common language makes it difficult for the team to help with the sale
The turning point

Extracting vital insights

Capturing the voice of the customer through real-life conversations, codifying into a common language and generating structured insights.

  • Decoding customer conversations into a common language
  • Delivers structured insights across the business
  • Focuses on what the customer needs, not just what you have to sell
Why our solution stands out

The key differences that set us apart

Customers are understood on a deeper level. Far beyond keywords, best of breed processes codified through a powerful analytics tool, giving actionable insights at both the customer and market level.

  • Eradicate misunderstanding and deals with no substance
  • Communicate effectively across your business
  • Drive customers towards outcomes and impacts
An upgrade to better sales

Empowering sales with precise customer understanding

The whole business contributing to the revenue effort, focusing their activity and aligning their offerings perfectly.

  • Maintain detailed needs, pain, jobs and impacts for each customer, automatically in the CRM
  • More focused qualification, ensuring nothing is left on the table
  • Products and solutions that meet customer expectations

How we help sales teams

Lead qualifying

What if our reps could have call insights automatically pumped into Salesforce and leads were qualified based on need?

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