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executive team

Unearth opportunities across obtainable markets.

Making strategic decisions can be difficult without the necessary information and insights. Visibility of market trends and objectives allow multi-functional teams to unify, and execute.

Every 100 hours
of conversation is about...
300 calls
which we convert into roughly...
5000 insights
of customer-focused content.
Inspect, then direct

You can’t manage what you don’t measure

The executive team require accurate and relevant data in order to direct the business down the right path. The source of this information is difficult to obtain and often costly.

  • No real-time visibility of broader market needs
  • Time, effort and cost internally to pull available data and run reports
  • Inaccurate and biased representation of information
The challenge

Manual business analysis

Consolidating and summarising market intelligence and customer insights is a huge manual task. Basic search functionality exists but it only works if the data's there.

  • Collecting and aggregating data with context from across the business is a huge task
  • Access to insight is restricted to the functional owners of those systems
  • Costly analyst reports telling everyone the same story
The turning point

Extracting vital insights

Capturing the voice of the customer through real-life recorded conversations, codify these conversations into a consistent and common language, generating structured themes that are actionable at a strategic level.

  • Decoding customer conversations into a common language
  • Delivering unbiased insights across the business
  • Segmentation of markets using different lenses
Turning up the volume

Unveiling the power of our solution

At any point, analyses can be generated on specific segments, markets and firmographics to get a view of the trends and aggregated customer needs.

  • Eliminates any manual effort and loss of fidelity
  • Guarantees precise insights across the entire business
  • Analyse obtainable markets on a deeper level
An upgrade to better analysis

Understand your markets

Deep understanding of market needs, enable your people to target their strategic efforts more accurately, working together in harmony.

  • Monitor market trends and gather insights from ongoing business activity
  • Break down functional silos and unite your teams through a common language
  • Avoid costly mistakes and poor investments from incomplete data

How we help executive teams

Due diligence

What if we could understand the obtainable markets for our portfolio, and how well those needs are being met?

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