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Better understanding a customer's success

Ensuring that every customer is achieving maximum value from their investment. Tracking progress, measuring value, and adjusting strategies to keep customers satisfied and engaged.

Every 100 hours
of conversation is about...
300 calls
which we convert into roughly...
5000 insights
of customer-focused content.
The recurring problem

Hearing the voice of the customer

Trying to understand the full picture but finding it hard to cut through the noise.

  • Surveys and feedback tools provide limited understanding and structure.
  • The lack of clear understanding leads to misguided strategies and less-than-effective solutions.
  • Measuring churn risk defaults to usage metrics versus impact and needs attainment
The status quo

Ineffective strategy

Documenting needs with unstructured call notes, trying to derive intent from product usage, and sending surveys with poor response rates.

  • Manual processes are time-consuming, inefficient, and prone to errors.
  • Too much reliance on just touching base and going through the motions with customers.
  • CRM notes are superficial and don’t align to the customers' objectives.
The turning point

Time for a different beat

Capturing the voice of the customer through real-life recorded conversations, and codifying those interactions into a common language.

  • Detailed, actionable insights derived from real customer interactions.
  • Transforming the way customers are understood and how their services are tailored.
  • Achieve the single view of the customer.
The symphony

The power of real-life conversations

Unlike traditional feedback systems, our platform offers real-time, context-specific analysis. Maintain rich insights across the customer journey, helping everyone to remain focused and aligned.

  • Capturing nuances and sentiments that surveys miss
  • Transform raw data into structured actionable insights
  • Retain customer IP over a long period of time
A focused future

You’re on the same page

With a deep understanding of the customer, your team can anticipate needs, avoid potential issues, and exceed expectations.

  • Strategise better, backed by actual insights from customer conversations
  • Ensure the satisfaction of current customers to attract potential ones more effectively
  • Empower the customer success team to drive company growth

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